“Don’t end up on Locked Up Abroad”

It’s funny how many people have said this to me when I mention this European adventure.

Spain is not going to Spain this time but next week it’s off to the other side of the ocean for a much needed vacation.  Itinerary and who I’m headed with in a moment but first we need to get something out of the way…

I probably won’t be taking all those medicines and supplies with me but Mom, know that I’m prepared and will be safe.  And Skype is only an internet connection away:-)

Yep, 32 years old.  And I appreciate her, my family, and friends everyday.

First up, the plan:

  • Amsterdam, Netherlands- It’s Mrs. Champello’s third grade class and we have to do a project on a part of Europe.  The cool countries get gobbled up like flies.  England, gone.  Ireland, toast.  France, Au Revoir.  And then these three little countries are left that I never heard of.  Belgium, The Netherlands, and Luxemburg.  A face full of glasses says, “Ok?”.  I dug into that assignment though with an awesome passion.  And many people don’t know that I’ve secretly wanted to go here since those days.  Don’t remember a single fact from the project but I remember this feeling that I was going to get there some day.  Psyched to be headed here for three days.
  • Bacharach, Germany – “A small town is a place where there’s no place to go where you shouldn’t” Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr Burt Bacharach.  That’s really a quote from him.  This little town on the Rhine River in Germany is the one place on the trip I know very little about.  According to the man, the myth, the legend, Rick Steves, it’s a great place to stop.
  • Munich, Germany- Beer, pretzels, brats, and history.  I’m game.  That simple.
  • Cinque Terre, Italy- After a train ride through the Alps and heading south from Zurich, we end up here.  Just do a google image search for the place
  • Rome- The question is how many people can I get to sing “On an evening in Roma” with me?  If I do get locked up abroad, it will be here probably.
  • London- Last stop on the trip.  I know there are a few tourist traps in this city like the ferris wheel or the bridge but I’m gonna be that tourist.  I see that Eye every New Years with its fireworks shooting off in every direction.  Like Katy Perry said, I’m a firework too.  And I’m going to show England what I’m worth.  If I get lost going in every direction, at least if I hit water, I know I’ve gone too far.
Art, food, culture, uber excited.
Don’t know if the blog has been introduced to the people I’m headed over there with.  You will, over the next few weeks, probably see a lot of them.  Dan, Amy, and Erin will get to say hello often and I’m excited to be part of the group.  I will be the guy in the group saying one of two things, “Where’s my card that has my allergies translated into the local language” and “Ohhh, let’s go over here.  I have no idea where it goes but it’s time to get a little lost”.  Getting lost with good people is a great way to get to know a city.  And I’m planning to do it there.
Found out that I can instantly blog from my IPhone and will try to keep folks updated.  Depending on wireless coverage and patience to type on that size screen, I may only do one or two.  But rest assured that many pics will be posted when I get back.
As always, thanks for reading.

One Response to ““Don’t end up on Locked Up Abroad””

  1. Dan Greer Says:

    Amy, Erin, and I will be right there with you when you decide to take that random path or if you get locked up abroad! Can’t wait for this trip!

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