Amsterdam (or Amster-stay out of the bike paths or unhappy bicycle bells will haunt your dreams-dam


A great place to start the trip. After getting over a combo of jet lag, food poisoning, and not sleeping on the plane, I finally started to enjoy this city. Canals, bicycles, teeny tiny cars, and trains that have beeped at me three times. These all encompass a city rich in culture, art, and some other things that we don’t need to discuss.



The bicycles are an amazing part. We’ve seen them given their own traffic lights and a three story parking garage outside the main train station. But they’ve also been given their bells. I will hear them in my sleep for ages. If you’re walking in their path, ring ring. Notifying of turning, ring ring. I even saw one today use it at a car that had cut it off. They have the right of way in this city and the apparent right to scare the hell out of crazy tourists like myself who accidentally forgot where they were walking.

Seeing an amazing storm out my window right now so I think I will call it a night. Next stop, Bacharach.


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