Hello from Quincy!

Lots to update including the big Europe trip.  Still have my notes saved and plan on breaking it down with pictures and stories.  In the meantime:

Facebook Guilt: I am having the worst facebook guilt.  I know I haven’t logged on in a while but after this post, I’ll get to clicking my likes, looking at recent pictures, and commenting on stories.  I just hope I haven’t missed anything big!

Babies everywhere!: Congrats to Lisa, Kristin, Kristen, Andrea, and Sara on their new bundles of joy!  Wishing you and your husbands many smiles, cute pictures, and sleepful nights!

Weddings!: Congrats to Justin and Lauren on their beautiful wedding in Lake George!

Good friends’ blog: Recently some friends went through something that… well… I just can’t imagine the strength needed to get through it.  But it’s because of their strength and their bond that they are putting one foot in front of the other and getting even stronger.  One way that they are taking steps, particularly Melissa, is through writing out her thoughts in a blog.  It’s an outlet that definitely digs deep and has pulled at my heartstrings, but also in there is a powerful positive voice that writes about their life journey after losing a son.  The address is missingmysweetboy.blogspot.com.

The Mumps: The movie Contagion hit at just the right time.  Learned all I needed to know about vaccines, the mumps, and the Adams County Health Department (very nice people).

FYE Class– Hello to my FYE class who I introduced to the blog today!  Title of the class “Communicating in a Digital Age”.  I work with 17 bright and talented nursing students helping them get acclimated to QU and college classes.  I appreciate that they make getting up early on Tuesdays and Thursdays worth it!

There’s probably a bunch of stuff that I’m missing but I need to go clean up baby oil and saran wrap from a residence hall.  Love my job:-)

Thanks for reading!


One Response to “Updates”

  1. Jeff Spain Sr. Says:

    Welcome back. We missed your blog.

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