CONGRATS to Uncle Al!

BIG congrats to my Uncle Al who won the election for North Greenbush supervisor! Beat the other guy by almost a 2-1 margin!

A few months ago, this guy that he ran against used a picture from this blog to attack my Dad so I know he’ll be reading this at come point.  A few weeks later, this same classy guy also had the balls to attack my grandmother who passed away in another post of his.  I was so tempted at that point to come out swinging (and I had some good stuff too) but I could hear my grandmother in the back of my head saying, “Jeffrey!”.  So, we had a quick chat… or maybe just a one-sided one because all I could hear was, “Jeffrey!” and I held back from raining down the fire of the internets.

Instead, in honor of her and the appropriate, classy, and respectable campaign that my Uncle ran, I will simply post this picture:



Congrats to you Uncle Al! Best wishes also go out to Aunt Mary Beth, Sarah, Eric, their two cute kids Nick and Lila, Patrick, Anna, and Nathan as they support him moving forward.  Hope you all are doing well!
I usually end with “Thanks for reading…” but instead this deserves a new one…

Thanks for winning


2 Responses to “CONGRATS to Uncle Al!”

  1. Jeff Spain Sr. Says:

    First of all , this is a picture of me laughing so hard, i had a stomach ache. I know it looks like I was shot. Second of all, Chuckie Smith stole this picture of me from this blog and has used it against me a few times. But, revenge can be sweet. Whose laughing now ,Chuck????
    My brother Al refused to climb into the gutter during the campaign with scum like Chuck, and the 2 to 1 vote victory proved that taking the high road is a road all politicians should take. Congratulations to Al and all of the other ethical winners.

  2. Al Spain Says:

    Thanks very much for the kind words Jeff.

    Uncle Al

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