25 Days of Thanks- Day 1

It’s back!  My 25 Days of Thanks list.  Past versions have gone pretty well and you should be able to search for them through the site.  Some are light-hearted, others are serious, but all are things that I’m thankful for in a year that’s brought some pretty good stuff.  Without further ado, Day 1!

Thankful- That feeling you get when you see your luggage come out onto the conveyor belt

Before moving to Quincy, travelling usually consisted of hopping in a car and driving a few hours to get back to Albany.  Since moving out here, travelling now means hopping on a few planes to get to family or vacation.  Most parts of flying I love, some parts I hate, but I noticed that I do the biggest fist-pump in the air when one certain thing happens.

You’ve just got done flying and are walking through the airport towards the exit.  If you’re like me, you’ve checked your bag and are saying prayers to the patron saint of baggage that it’s made the trip with you.  You make it to the baggage claim area and then the thoughts kick in.  You mind races with not only the question of if the bag made it,  but also did the handlers decide to practice their Olympic Hammer Toss throws with your zippers close to busting suitcase.  The siren blasts and the motors turn as people try not to be rude while shifting towards the opening for the baggage release.

“Whap!  Whap!” as the bags go through those metal curtains.  Each “Whap!” brings a wave of anticipation, then disappointment as you process the suitcase that just came out.  Color usually hits first, then shape, then zipper placement as you try to match the item to the one in your head.  It’s at this point you probably remember, “Oh, I have to get one of those crazy luggage wrap bands so that I can pick my stuff out from the rest of the crowd”.

But then you see a new item come through.  Color- check!  Shape-Check!  ZIPPER PLACEMENT-CHEC…OH YEA BABY IT MADE IT!!!! Fist pump!  You walk up nonchalantly but in your head you are acting like you just got called down for the Price is Right and high fiving everyone along the way!

Not Thankful-That feeling you get when you think you see your luggage come out onto the conveyor belt but realize it’s not yours after someone else grabs it

Who the heck is this guy?  And why is he touching my luggage?  Back the truck up buddy that’s mine.  I will fight you!  How should I do this?  Hip check?  Shoulder into arm like I didn’t see him.  Oh wait, he saw me!  Did he just pick up his pace?  This is on now (Granted you’ve only taken one step during this whole time as you’re not that far away from the bag) Is there another bag I can throw at him?  Maybe I can nudge this stroller?  Where are those luggage carts when you need one?  Do they still give you a quarter back for returning them?  FOCUS!  Maybe if you hug him with one hand saying “Hey I know you!” and with your other hand grab the bag?  Would singing, “The hills are alive with the sound of music” throw him off?  My domino knocking over experience with the one, two, yep, three people between me and him could come in handy!  Look at me I got it.  BOO YA!  Why are you looking at me that way?  Puff your chest out Jeffrey!  Step up budd… Oh… It’s got your name on it.  Oh, Ha ha!  That’s funny, I thought it was mine.  I’m sorry, here you go!

I’m not saying this happened to me at all.  Nope.



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