25 Days of Thanks- Day 5

Thankful- Jon Stewart and The Daily Show

Put aside the politics, the humor, the George Bush bashing for a minute.  I argue that no one person is currently doing more for modern-day literature than Jon Stewart.

It has to be recognized that Harry Potter, The Hunger Games (separate Days of Thanks post coming about these books) , and yes, even Twilight have promoted reading amongst young people (You can define “young people” however you wish.  I am still a young person!  Right?).  Oprah, a very good judge of literature, promoted women and men to get out there and get connected with a well written volume.  But one common thing amongst these movements is that they all ended a little while ago.

I didn’t start watching the Daily Show until highlights started popping up in a blog I read.  Soon after I became interested in the perspective he took on different topics that brought both humor and a message to the screen.  There’s a good reason his show continues to win Emmy after Emmy.  He and his writers are masters at making you laugh hysterically while sending a message that’s very easy to connect with.  He goes after both sides with ease and, like me, is looking for someone to get something done for the people.

Each episode he also has a guest on.  Some are political figures, others come from the entertainment industry, but a good majority of his guests are authors.  He invites on mostly non-fiction or biographical authors and chats with them about their life or their work.  But 9 times out of 10, you develop a connection with that book and/or author through humor.

No where else are these authors getting their message or voice out there to promote what they’ve spent countless hours doing.  Sometimes the chat isn’t even about the work, sometimes it gets into something about the author but I have to say it adds to the connection for me.  I trust it just a little bit more for me to give my time to that book.  And I haven’t been steered wrong yet.

10pm every night, I know I’m going to get a laugh to end a crazy day (His Herman Cain segment about the bus tonight still has me giggling.  I also agree with his feelings about Donald Trump and pizza.  You don’t use a knife and fork to eat NYC pizza).  But usually by 10:25pm, I’m on the library’s website seeing what’s available.

Thanks for reading…


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