25 Days of Thanks- Day 6

Thankful- Diet Coke

I never got into coffee.  Really I only tried a few sips of my Dad’s when we were growing up.  Now he, my brother, and my sister all swear by the stuff.  Especially Starbucks.

That was actually one of the first questions he asked about Quincy after getting the job here.  He was all, “Congrats!  Aw, that’s great!  You excited?  Do they have a Starbucks?”

For many many MANY years, I was addicted to Coca Cola.  The regular, high-test stuff.  Very few things were sent back if a waitress brought them to the table.  You bring me regular coke?  How dare you…

After seeing the light, and the calories, I switched to Diet Coke.  I think I actually prefer it now to regular.  Diet Pepsi or Diet Coke, I’m good either way.  But I really can’t get through the day without a few.  My one weakness….  yep, just Diet Coke.  And maybe Swedish Fish, grape ones.  Oh and real, fresh salsa.

Bed time.  Long week.  Thanks for reading:-)



2 Responses to “25 Days of Thanks- Day 6”

  1. Jeff Spain Sr. Says:

    Everybody has different priorities. As long as you were safe and happy, I was just concerned about my starbuck fix on any future visits.

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