25 Days of Thanks- Day 7

Thankful- Salad Spinners

2 reasons:

1- There’s just something about cold, crisp, CLEAN lettuce.  I’m no germaphobe but I’ve seen the specials and the reports.  I like that with salad spinners, you throw the lettuce in the strainer part (I only use the technical terms for things), wash it off with some water, then put it in the bowl part, and spin it up.  Afterwards you’re left with good lettuce and a little water to dump out.  But then you can just throw it in the bowl part and BA BAM, instant salad bowl.

2- Who doesn’t remember playing with spinning tops when they’re either pulling the string or pushing the plunger down?  I mean, come on, it brings you right back there!  And with the ones that have the brakes on them, you shift from the spinning top memory to BRAKE!  STOP AND BE GONE DIRT!  I COMMAND THEE!  Or maybe it’s just me.

Thanks for reading…


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