25 Days of Thanks- Day 8

Thankful- Campus Security/Police Officers

My heart and prayers go out to the families, students, staff, faculty, and community affected by the Virginia Tech shooting today.  The community which has endured much now has to face another tragedy.  An officer, just doing his job, pulling over someone for a traffic violation, was shot and killed.

I’m no expert at their job.  I’ve worked with many great officers in the past and am impressed by their professionalism.  I have never walked in their shoes so the best thing I can do is support when needed.

At the beginning of each year I tell students, “Many of you will make choices that go against school policy. Some will be pretty serious.  But you want to know the quickest way to be shown the door?  Disrespect a campus security officer or one of my RAs.”  That frustrates me the most and I make sure students know that from the beginning.  My support is with them and you should be the kindest person you can be even if you’re in the biggest amount of trouble.

I feel bad that it’s taken a tragedy to prompt this Thanks, but I hope those reading just give a quick little thanks to either the security at their campus or to the people who protect them each day.

For more information, MSNBC has been running updates here.

Thanks for reading…


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