25 Days of Thanks- Day 9

Thankful- The Front of a Refrigerator

There’s not too many places in your home that you can go crazy with how you decorate it.  The front of a refrigerator is a blank canvas that no one will judge you about.  Sure if you put up a disrespectful item, you’ll get a comment from me, however, people recognize that it’s a visual representation of some of the stories in their life.

Not just anything goes up there though.  It has to be something that tells a story.  Sometimes the story is as simple as, “Oh, we got this random magnet from a friend…” but most of the time, you put something up there knowing it’s a conversation piece.  A story will come out of it.  Friends will stop by and ask, “That’s a great picture!  What’s going on there?” and for the next couple of minutes you’re laughing or remembering a great time/person in your life.

They say that during house parties (adult house parties, and not adult in that way but adult as in- not hiding in the basement so the neighbors don’t call the cops on the loud music) that most people congregate in the kitchen.  Granted it’s usually where the food is, but I’m going to argue that it’s also where conversation can be generated the easiest.  Food surely can spark something but I also think it’s because of the Save The Date card stuck to the front of the refrigerator door.

I’m definitely thankful it’s there.  I hate silence and my mind is always searching for new things to talk about.  I appreciate the front of the refrigerator for providing that spark.

It happened recently that someone asked why I have a mound of chocolate stuck to my door.  I looked and thought, “Mound of chocolate?  What the….” and then realized he was looking at an Icelandic volcanic rock magnet I brought back from my Europe trip.  After laughing and comparing it to a few other things that it looked like, I shared with him the story of how I got it.  But now I get to add a piece to this story… the time an RA thought I randomly stuck chocolate to my door.

From Quincy, thanks for reading…


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