25 Days of Thanks- Day 10

Thankful- When the moon is bright enough to drive with your lights off

There’s just something about it.  My Mom will probably “comment” on this later, but I learned to appreciate this from my Dad.  While driving back from play practices or my brother’s basketball games, and when the moon was bright enough, he used to turn the car lights off and just drive through the hills on our way back home.

It was definitely something to be noted.  The world would light up with the faintest shade of white and you could really appreciate some of the mountains and hills that surrounded out town.

Can’t really do this in a city or places where there’s a lot of street lights but on certain nights, when there’s not a cloud in the sky, I’ll switch em off and just enjoy the scenery.

Now, if there’s snow on the ground, JACKPOT.  The night lights up even more.

It’s sometimes these little things that I’m thankful for.

Thanks for reading…


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