25 Days of Thanks- Day 11

Thankful- Dropbox

Computer in office.  Laptop at home. IPhone on the go.  Files here.  Files there. Files everywhere!

I tried a jumpdrive but it was one more thing in my pocket.  Disks are a thing of the past.  CDs take hours to burn.  And e-mailing a file just means that it’s taking up more of my precious storage space on the server.

A few years ago I learned of a free service called Dropbox that helps keep files synced across various platforms and locations.  It even integrates into the filing system of the computer so that I don’t need some special program or command to make it run correctly.

It’s been a savior!  Maybe I’m headed to class and, so I don’t have to lug one more thing with me, I just upload my agenda and activity right up there.  Need a file from home that I was working on a work.  All I need to do is save it to Dropbox and, bam!  It’s easy to reach in that folder.

Their IPhone app also works nicely because I can upload the residence hall roster to it and have on the go access to where students are living on campus.

Now if it would only remind me put to the darn file into Dropbox in the first place…

Thanks for reading:-)


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