25 Days of Thanks- Day 13

Thankful- The Library

Quincy has a good many things.  Restaurants.  Parks.  Best Buy.

But the one thing is doesn’t have is a good bookstore.

Previous places I lived all had a bookstore in town.  Usually pretty close to where I lived.  Easy access for me that if I was interested in a book, I could run over, check out the price, and see if it’s worth the buy.  While walking through the store, I could also check out another little book that might suit my interest as well.  And $50 later, mission accomplished.

Never really looked into the library.  There was usually one on the campus I worked at but I didn’t know if their concern was to keep up on educational literature rather than pop-culture.  Plus, I’d be fighting with all the other college students.  And they wouldn’t want that.  I get ugly when fighting.  A library is supposed to be quiet.

Anyway, I digress.  With a bookstore, I could go in and get a copy all for me.

Walmart.  That’s the book feeder in Quincy.  Walmart.  Which usually is fine.  They have a decent grouping.  But not the same feel.

I took a chance and headed downtown one day to the Quincy Public Library.  Very quickly and easily, signed up for a card and started to look around.  Soon I was drawn back to grade school trying to tap into that file that held any information about the Dewey Decimal System.  Almost knocked over a computer while there and thought, “This could be a sign?”  Taking a moment to hold up a hand in a “AND HE’S OK!” fashion, I nonchalantly walked past it and then came back a few minutes later.  Started looking up a few books and lo and behold they were in!  I checked them out and walked out the door.  No cash exchanged?  No buyers remorse?  No… something must be wrong here.  They just let me walk to my car?

And so I did.  Read em.  Returned em.  And onto the next ones.

Definitely didn’t give the local library the respect it deserved and will do so in the future.  Future thing to be thankful for- Their online offerings where I don’t even need to leave my house!

Thanks for reading…

UPDATE 12/18/11- I stand corrected!  One of my FYE students pointed out that there’s a bookstore in the Quincy Mall.  I checked it out and it’s not bad!  Thanks Casey!


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