25 Days of Thanks- Day 15

Thankful- Chopped

Red Currant Jam

Merguez Sausage


I love this show.  I don’t necessarily DVR it but when I do flip on the TV it’s usually ESPN first, Cooking Channel or Food Network second.

I am a recipe follower.  I don’t know what it is, maybe that I don’t have the funds to keep a fully stocked kitchen, but I try to have an idea of what I’m making and buy just enough to make that dish.

But these people are nuts.  I consider myself good at trivia.  Pop Culture, Technology, Movies, TV, General Trivia, I can hold my own.  And I even thought I would be good at food/kitchen topics.  However, after watching this show, I know zip.  These chefs are all, “You know I’ve seen it before.  I know it’s got a savory smooth crunch.  But the jam balances the salty caramelized bitterness of the basket.”


I pick out at least 4 different contradictions in that statement but the other folks are just nodding their head like, “Oh yea.  So spot on.”  And I don’t even know which ingredient they’re referring to?  Is it the jam?  The sausage plus the jam?  What the hell is a currant?

I can’t wait to have a family to cook for.  They’re will probably be nights like this where I’m all, “Ok, got flour, frosted flakes, and asparagus.  30 minutes!  Go!”.  I hope they’re ready:-)


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