25 Days of Thanks- Day 16

Thankful- Video Communication Software

My parents actually asked for this to be the thing I’m thankful for tonight because it’s true.  I am thankful for video communication software.

I’m a techie.  I have no problem admitting it.  And I love helping others with it too.  I don’t know everything but I like helping people along the way because most of the time I learn something new too.

But my parents, no.  It’s “Dad, I’m taking control of the computer” or “Turn on facetime and point the camera at the TV.”

Maybe it’s that I just want to give them a quick fix?  Or I know they could be doing better things?  Or they did a lot for me so I want to just do it all for them?

Yep.  It’s got to be one of those.  Because I do it with such patience and understanding and sweetness.  Oh, it never gets loud.  Nooooo.  Never gets testy.  I am calm, civilized, and DEAR GOD!  IT’S THE BUTTON RIGHT THERE.  IT’S RIGHT THERE!!!  IT SAYS (whatever word I’m trying to point out)!!!  LOOK FOR (sunshine and rainbows and unicorns) AND GO RIGHT BELOW IT!!!

It didn’t get like this tonight and, honestly, this is rare but it has happened.  I accept responsibility for it.  I look at the back of a TV, with its million input jacks and know what I’m looking at.  Others look at it and see something akin to a kaleidoscope.

I’m thankful for my parents everyday and realize helping them with this tech stuff is only a sliver of what can be done to start giving back.  Video communication software has made it that much easier and, although they may not realize it, I thankful I can give back in this small sort of way.

Thanks for reading:-)




One Response to “25 Days of Thanks- Day 16”

  1. Dawn Carberry Says:

    Oh Jeffrey! We could so use your skills right now – instead the Geek Squad’s coming today : ( !

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