25 Days of Thanks- Day 18

Thankful- slickdeals.net

Counselor, disciplinarian, advice giver, food provider (meal plans:-)), programmer (non-computer related, fun stuff), financier, organizer, large calendar writer (those who’ve been in my office know what I’m talking about, (there’s probably a few more…)… bargain hunter?

Budgets are tight these days, especially for college students (trying hard not to go down the path of a college loan debt discussion).  And with the holidays in full swing, I can add one more notch to my residence life belt.  Bargain hunter!

Conversations tend to go in the gift giving direction lately when talking with students and some are looking for big ticket items that the whole family can go in on.  I hate hearing people spend more money than they should on technology so when the topic comes up, I usually say, “Well hey, I might be able to help you get that price down!”  Then we usually sit down at my computer and head to sites like slickdeals.net to see what we can find.  Sometimes it works, sometimes we just missed it but hopefully it helps a little bit at making the most from your dollar.

Some other sites I use are techbargains.com and dealnews.com.  Hope it can help with your holiday shopping!

Thanks for reading…



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