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25 Days of Thanks- Day… well… It’s February 2nd

February 2, 2012

And we’re back!  Sorry:-(  This is supposed to be Day 19!

Thankful- Amazon Kindle

Two reasons:

1) One of my vices in reading was that I would cheat ahead.  Sometimes it’s to see if a character is still alive.  Others it’s just to know if they are someone I really need to remember.  But with a Kindle, it’s only one page at a time.  That’s all you see.  Sure, I could click the page flip button a bunch of times but then I’d lose my spot!  With a Kindle all I can skip is to the bottom of the page.  Love it!

2) It leaves a hand free.

While flying home from Albany, I was finishing the Hunger Games Trilogy on my Kindle at the airport gate.  (Side story- Awesome set of books.  They market it as teen literature but that’s a load of crap.  It’s for all ages over 12) Not going to spoil anything but at the end of the book something happens.  Something they had you gunning for since the first book.  For the main character to finally get her redemption.  The author, Suzanne Collins, builds up the main character as someone you ride a roller coaster of emotions with.  You read about these extreme highs and extreme lows mostly brought on by outside influences.

Finally, at the end of the third book, the roller coaster the reader has been on reaches its lowest point.  I mean, Suzanne (If ever Suzanne reads this, I just want to say that you do this is the most effective way possible.  And while I may have been screaming (we’ll get to that in a second) at my Kindle when you did this, I understand why you decided to take the story in this direction.  A virtual pat on the back for having the guts) just rips apart the investment you put into the book.  To say any more would be spoiling it but after this happens, there’s a choice that the main character makes that… well… let’s head back to the airport to explain.

So I’m sitting in the gate area.  I read about the extreme low that the character goes though.  In my head I’m thinking, “NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!”.  Out loud I’m looking at my kindle and what comes out isn’t, admittedly, a scream.  It’s more like a “noooooo”.  I don’t think the woman across from me could hear it.  But then a few pages later…

Something big happens.  Something huge.  I read the line and left hand (my free hand), goes up in the air, completely involuntarily ready to fist pump in a “Yes” motion.  And as fist and arm come down, a “YEs!” comes out.  This then draws a few eyes but what draws more is the, “Oh hell” that comes out next as my involuntary fist pump hits my Diet Coke sitting next to me, spilling it.

So now that I rethink this, maybe the Kindle isn’t good after all?  The world, and its Diet Cokes may be a little safer?

Thanks for reading:-)