Now It’s Time to Say Goodbye

It’s been three years…

Three years since I shot off a resume for a Director of Residence Life job at this school somewhere in the Midwest…

Three years since I thought, “Hey, what the hell.  Let’s give it a shot”…

Three years since I took a huge leap not know where exactly I was going to land or how it was going to pan out, but I was interested in the journey.

Three years…

Three years have absolutely flown by in this small town.  This town that is hard to find on a map will be etched in my history forever.  The roller coaster ride of many ups and a few downs, has helped me to grow in ways I couldn’t imagine.  It has also set the tone on this amazing adult path that I’m on.

But recently I’ve decided that the path will lead out of Quincy, Illinois.

Sometime around the 21st of January I will be driving back east and headed to Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute or more commonly known as RPI.  It’s a good size university in Troy, NY.  There I’ll be serving as an Assistant Dean of Residence Life helping to run some halls and apartments.

Lots of people have asked, “Are you excited?!?” and my honest reply has been, “Not just yet”.  I think it’s an honest answer that refers to the fact that I don’t have the attitude of “PEACE OUT Quincy!” but does say that once I’m on the road, I’m pretty sure the excitement will kick in.  There’s just too many good people in this town to deny the impact that they’ve had on my life.

I’ve said to many of them, “I don’t think this will be the last time we cross paths”.  After telling people back east where I was living, a lot of them had a connection to this small town.  I know that I will see many of these people and students again.

But the future is right around the corner.  Headed back east.  It will only be a stone’s throw away from the house I grew up in and many members of my family.

Over the next week or so, I thought I’d post some thoughts about some of the things I’ll be leaving here in Quincy.  They might be quick little quips from my cell phone or longer stories of thanks to certain parts or people in this town.

All in all, thanks Quincy for an amazing three years.  An amazing, educational, challenging, and fun three years.

Thanks for reading…


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