Me: Whitesnake? Him: No.

The night started off with a great going away party at the local Martini Bar.  Friends put together an outstanding gathering and opportunity to say, “Good Bye” one more time.

I really meant the words that came out of my mouth.  I came here knowing no one.  Not a soul.  And these people became my extended family.  They took me under their wing and tried their damnest to get me connected to this town.  I am eternally grateful for them letting me into their lives and know that I’ll be back to show them what I’ve done with their efforts.  Eternally grateful.

And the gifts.  Extremely generous.  I mean, we’re talking unexpectedly generous.  There were some gag gifts too like a mini coke can fridge and a “Top 10 Things We Won’t Miss About You” picture.  But the big gift.  I can’t even put it on here because I really don’t feel like I deserve it.

But the night shifted from there to the bar we have on campus.  I knew for a few days now that there was a Live Band Karaoke program happening and I knew I had to do a sendoff song.  I had mentioned it to a few people and tried to pry a few good ideas out of them.  There was only one requirement…

It had to be a rockin song.

Green Day’s “I Hope You Had the Time of Your Life” was off the table.  It had to get the crowd pumped.  It had to get them off their feet.  I wanted a song for people to energized by.

So, again, I asked a few trusted folks.  Heck I even googled, “Good goodbye songs”.  A lot of them were love themed but I made a mental note of a few.

At the party tonight I clued some more people in on what I was doing and ran through my list of possibilities.  A bunch of folks said, “Oh!  Yes!  Good one”.  So I was pretty psyched that I would bring the house down.

It should be noted at this point is one of the very few points that I used my Director title and connections to jump a line.  I respect the hell out of students and know that if I were in their shoes, I wouldn’t want some schmuck throwing his title around.  But I did.  People had shown up to see and couldn’t stay too long.  I needed to get on stage quickly.

While that was all happening, I pulled the coordinator of the band aside and told him what’s going on.  Here’s how that went down:

Him: Oh, so you’re the guy.  Awesome!
Me: Yep.  Excited!  So I got some ideas but if you all can think of a really rockin’ good bye song, I’m in!
Him: Nope.

(Awkward silence)

Me: Oh.  Ok.  Well how bout this.  I’m headed to New York and it’s not necessarily rockin’ but people sing along to it.  How about New York, New York by good ol’ Frank?
Him: Nope.  Here’s out sheet of what we can do.
Me: Sweet!  I was looking for maybe Journey’s Don’t Stop Believin?
Him: Aw man, someone just did that before the break.
Me: No that’s cool. (Continuing to look)  How about Fleetwood Mac. Thinking a little, “Go Your Own Way” or “Don’t Stop Thinking About Tomorrow”?
Him: Nope.
Me: Whitesnake? (The song I was looking for was Whitesnake’s “Here I Go Again”)
Him: No.
Me: Well that’s my list.
Him: Cool.  I’ll be back.
Me: (NOOOOOOO!!!!!)

I then have a few people come up and say they’re sorry I’m leaving and wishing me luck.  I respond with a quick thanks followed by a “HELP!”.  I can’t find a darn song on the list that matches what I’m looking for.

Frustrated I turned to another person and said, “I got it narrowed down to these two songs.  Billy Joel’s ‘You May Be Right’ and this other one…”  She pointed to the other one.  I shrugged my shoulders and said, “Ok.  Here we go.”

It turned out great.  Crowd was on its feet.  People were dancing.  It was great.   Don’t know if the audience could hear me, not only due to mic being turned down but also with me being sick, but I had a blast up there.  I also changed the words a little bit.

For example, near the end when Stevie sings, “Here I am baby…” over and over, I changed up the words to…

Thank you so much Quincy!
Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I’m yours!
It’s been a great three years Quincy!
Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I’m yours!
I’ll remember this forever Quincy!
Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I’m yours!

And then, with a look from the drummer, we hit the big finish.  Now, someone suggested at this point that I drop the mic on the floor and walk off like a bad ass.  Yea, that’s not my style.  What is my style is for me to trip off the stage or say something stupid into the mic…. or this next part.

Big finish.  I say, “Thank you so much Quincy!  You’ve been great!”.  I swing around (remember this part because it comes back to haunt me) to thank the band.  Do a complete 360 with the mic still in my hand thanking people along the way.  The coordinator comes on stage and says, “Let’s give it up one more time for Jeff Spain! Alright I want to keep us going here.  Let’s have so and so come up here!”.  Crowd cheers.  I’m wrapped in a mic cable.  Trying to get out.  I finally get the mic back towards one of the stands.  See that it’s taken up by another mic.  I step towards the other stand bringing my microphone and the cable with me and I hear this, “WHOMP!”.

The cable had caught that original mic stand and shook loose the microphone causing it to drop to the ground.

I look around to see what happened.  See the mic on the ground… and smile.

I am a bad ass in my own special way.

So to friends and family who I saw or were part of the support tonight, I say, “Thank You” for the millionth time.  I wish you could hear it a million more.

Thanks for reading…



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