25 Days of Thanks- Day 2

Thankful- roadtrippers.com

I’d say the travel bug bit me pretty early in life.  From annual trips to New Hampshire in the summer, to numerous road trips to Detroit to visit my Mom’s side of the family, the Spain family world extended beyond just Albany, NY.  Ski trips across the northeast… hikes to the top of local mountains… trips to New York City.  I know it wasn’t easy for my parents.  We didn’t have a ton of money but smart budgeting, hard work, and extra hours by them resulted in us seeing the value of a good road trip.

Fast forward a few years to my little jaunt out to Quincy, IL and I recognized an opportunity to get out and see even more of the country just a few hours away.  For example I’d:

– Take a trip to Columbia, Missouri just to get sized up for a suit.  2 Hours away…
– Travel to get my Target fix- 2 Hours away…
– Quincy did not know how to make a good bagel.  Closest Bruegger’s Bagel- 2 Hours away
– Being a big movie fan, I enjoy seeing movies on the IMAX screen.  2 Hours away

But what I got out of these trips were memories I’ll take with me for a very long time.  For example:

– Columbia, Missouri is the location for the main campus of the University of Missouri and has restaurants that brew an amazing Green Chile Beer.
– One of the Targets is located in Burlington, Iowa home of the crookedest street in the world, Snake Alley
– Being considered “city folk” definitely started some interesting conversations.  Sure at some point I’d have to correct them that Albany is no where near NYC, but I did get some interesting chats out of it and free drinks at the demo’ derby.
– St. Louis pizza is no joke.  Flat crust with provel cheese that holds everything together for the right amount of time before it reaches your mouth.  Good stuff.

Where I’m going with this is that the internet has embraced this travel passion that many of us share.

Roadtrippers.com is a site that provides the user with a wealth of information about neat attractions and off the beaten path scenic points.  It’s a site that can be used for that long road trip or just to see what might be a cool place to drive to during a few hours free on the weekend.  Or maybe you want to see what places in your area have been featured in a movie or TV show?  You might even find a new hiking spot or haunted cemetery.

It’s a cool little site to get lost in and can be used on those days where you’re just looking to get out of the house/apartment/residence hall.  While most of the time we want to get right from Point A to Point B, we might miss a cool little moment if don’t sometimes veer off to Point C.

Thanks for reading…



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