25 Days of Thanks- Day 4

Thankful- Grocery Bag Hooks In A Car

Whoever designed these things is a damn genius and I hope gets some cash and a high-five for everyone installed.

In doing a little research it appears you can buy them yourself but I’m talking about the real deal built-in hooks.  The ones that the car designers took the time to think about where they should go.

Because, if you think about it, here are your options:

– Front Seat- Acceptable option until the driver in front of you stops unexpectedly.  Then you’ve got one hand on the wheel, two feet on the breaks, and the other hand flailing around trying to catch your groceries while they are flying at the speed of light towards the front of the car.
– Back Seat- A decent option until you take your first left or right out of the store and everything goes spilling out of the bags.  You attempt to put a hand back there to catch it but quickly realize your only solution is to say, “Screw it.  I’ll pick them up when I get home”
– The floor- For most of the calendar year, it’s the option that most people go with.  But once the cold weather comes, that heat starts blasting out the vents and you don’t realize that it was blowing right on your salad mix until you take it out at home and it’s a balmy 98 degrees and steamed to perfection
– The roof- I throw this into the list of options because we’ve all left something on the roof when trying to load the car.  If it makes it all the way home, you feel like you need to Skype the whole world and tell them, “Hello! Hey, how are you?  Actually really why I’m calling is because you wouldn’t believe what happened to me!”  The worst part of this one is watching someone else leave something on the roof of their car and you try to flash your lights or honk your horn and all they’re thinking about is how to get away from the crazy person flashing their lights and honking their horn.  So they give it a little more gas than normal and thanks to the laws of physics, that thing on top of the car becomes a dangerous projectile headed right at your windshield.

I care about two things with the placement of these hooks…

1) Depth of the hook- It’s got to hold a large number of bags yet be inconspicuous to the eye.
2) Temperature control- Out of the main airflow of the vents.  The temperature in the car will change.  And that’s why we cognizant of when we go to the store.  It’s not before the little league game.  We go as we’re headed home.  I want to temperature of my groceries to rise or fall at a steady pace.  Not as if you’ve said to a fire-breathing dragon, “Hey, could you breathe on this for a second.”

The trunk area is perfect for most cars.  My car is an SUV so the trunk area is inside.  (Side note- I was thinking of how to describe the back back back area of an SUV… the luggage area?  The flat part with no seats?  The part where the 8th passenger cramps into?)  No vents back there.

The temperature rises and falls at a good pace.  I can hold a lot of bags on the hooks.  I feel secure taking the turns and braking.

The next challenge for car designers though, how to stop the battering ram that is a 12 pack of Diet Coke cans.

Thanks for reading…


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