25 Days of Thanks- Day 6

Thankful- A Bookbag

Some men choose the messenger bag, others go with the briefcase.  For me, I stay classy.  I’m a bookbag guy.

It’s tried and true.  It got me through kindergarten, through grade school, and then part of high school.  I’ve tried the messenger bag and, sure it’s worked on those professional days.  But a bookbag on an adult makes a statement I feel like.

Hopefully that statement isn’t that I’m a kindergartener, or a first grader…

Maybe it’s because I work on a college campus that they’re still “cool”.

For me, it’s the fact that the thing can carry my laptop, binder, epi-pen (blog high-five to my mom), pens, folders, cables, and other random items yet it still looks contained.  I’ve tried throwing all this stuff into a messenger bag or briefcase and I can barely get the darn thing closed.

By the way, rarely is it a two shoulder carry though.  Got to go one arm and pray that you’ve balanced things out enough in the back that it doesn’t look like it’s about to slip off.

The two shoulder carry only comes into play when I’m carrying other things.  For example, a projector, or case of Diet Coke.

Stability, comfort, and carrying capacity all in one contraption.

Thanks for reading…


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