25 Days of Thanks- Day 8

Thankful- Hitting the big note in a song in your car

“Strangers. Waaaaiting.  Up and Down the Booooulevard. Their shaaaadows searching in nighhhht.  Streeeeeetlight.  Peeeeeople.  Living just to find e-motion.  Hiding somewhere in the….”

That split second right there.

Are you going to hit it or are you just going to half- a** it?  Are you going to go all in?  Do you have the lungs for it?  Are the windows rolled up?  Sunroof closed?  Ok, looks like green lights up ahead… I’m going for it.


Hairs stand up on the back of your neck as you are thinking, “I am the man!  Steve Perry ain’t got nothing on me!”

The rest of the song turns into a cakewalk as your confidence level is at an all time high.

I’ll give you a more Christmas themed example.  Josh Groban- O Holy Night.  We start around 3:46 into the song…

“Oh niiiiiiiiiiight…. Oh night divineeeeeee…. Noooooooooooeeeelllllllll…” The horn section rises to the big note that’s about to hit…

I take the biggest breath in knowing that it’s the dead of winter, everyone’s car is closed up tighter than Tupperware container, and very few people are on the streets…

“Nooooooooooooeeeeeeeeeelllllll-ellll-ellll” Then the song goes silent.

I looked around the car as if I just won a Grammy award.  Confidence sky-high.  Sure, my face is as red as strawberry.  But dang it.  I just hit that note.  Who knows how it sounded, but to me, it was the bees knees.

So next time you’re in the car alone and a song comes on the radio with a big note towards the end, go for it!

Thanks for reading…


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