25 Days of Thanks- Day 9

Thankful- Hats

Today was the Late Night Breakfast at RPI.  Many colleges do these types of events right before Final Exams.  Some call them Midnight Breakfast and actually hold them at midnight.  Others, like RPI, start them a little earlier and get the students fueled up for those late night study hours.

I’ve worked events like that at just about every school I’ve worked at but rarely do I get the treat I was given tonight.

I got an actual chef’s hat.

Now, this isn’t the first time I’ve received a chef’s hat at an event like this.  But wearing it tonight reminded me of the power of hats.

The analogy is used often in each of our careers.  We wear different hats that make up our jobs.  I used to say with one of the student groups I worked with that, when things got serious, “Ok… well… Jeff needs to put on the Advisor Hat now and tell you that no, you can’t have a dinosaur at the event”.  At the end of the year, their thank you give to me was a black hat with the word “Advisor” stitched on the front.  Thanks Business Leaders of Tomorrow.

Side note- I tried finding the hat to post a picture of it here.  I know I have it.  If I find it, I will definitely throw it up on facebook.

Getting back to the point, I wonder if you feel the same as I do that when you physically wear a different hat (i.e. chef’s hat), that you don’t automatically go into chef mode.

It’s as if it’s a modern-day crowning to say, “Yes!  For the duration of you wearing this hat, you shall henceforth have the power and privileges of being a chef!  Everyone hail our newest temporary Chef!  Hip Hip… Hooray!”

Quincy, Illinois provided me the opportunity to wear a cowboy hat.  Day made.  Instant southern drawl.  Probably said, “Howdy Ma’am” way too many times.  But I was a damn cowboy.

Brockport, NY- Police Hat.  Oh, and I got the police car along with it.  It was for a homecoming event where we dressed up a police car as the Ghostbusters mobile.  I got to turn on the sirens and everything.

Somewhere, Somestate- Top Hat.  Instant gentlemen.

Surgeon’s Paper Hat- Who needs their spleen taken out?  No this didn’t happen.  Because that wouldn’t end well.

Indiana Jones Hat- Enough said.

Hats are powerful things.  Thanks to RPI for the chef’s hat tonight!

Thanks for reading…



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