25 Days of Thanks- Day 10

Thankful- Adjustable Desk Lamps

It’s not that overhead lighting turns me off, it’s just that there’s something.. this may not be the right word… but something noble about an adjustable desk lamp.

A lot of times towards the end of the day the comment I’ll hear most often is, “Turn on some lights back here!” or “You like working in the dark?”.  And to be honest, I kind of do like working in the dark.  Distractions fade away and my office desk is either lit up by a desk lamp or the soft glow of my computer.

And I also think about what people see as they’re walking by.  Maybe it’s just me but walking by an office where someone is in it and the room is lit up like a movie set, I don’t think too much about it.  Either good or bad.  All I think is, “Cool.  Someone else is here at this time of night.”

But if I walk by an office and the room is dark but a single lamp lights up mounds of paper on the desk, I see a person focused on the job.  Willing to risk those nighttime hours of darkness to shine a bright light on one particular problem.

Maybe the word isn’t noble but to me, I’m thankful for those adjustable desk lamps giving me that extra ounce of nobility to get the job done.

Thanks for reading…


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