25 Days of Thanks- Day 11

Thankful- Garageband

A question that comes up at random parts of a person’s life is, “Hey, you play any musical instruments?”

My response is, “Heck yea!  Been playing the drums since I’ve been 8.  I’m no Neil Peart, but I can get by…”

Them: “Why the drums Jeff?”

Me: “Because all my notes were on one line.”

I was never good at musical scales.  Sure there were the different tricks including FACE and Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge, but I had a tough time translating that from my eyes, to my brain, to my fingers, and then back again.  Give me a beat and I could make it happen.

But you can’t whip out a set of drums at a moments notice.  Someone with a guitar can bring that thing most places.  My drumset takes two, sometimes three people to lug around.

So I’ve started to expand.  Problem is that with a limited budget, I can’t spring for lessons.  I found out recently that there are lessons right in front of me already on my computer!

Garageband is an Apple program that is mostly used for basic recording of music.  One of the deeper parts of the program is that they provide some pretty cool lessons on how to play guitar and piano.  Heck, you can even skip the lessons and go right into learning a particular song.  Already downloaded John Legend’s Ordinary People to learn over a long weekend on piano.

Lots of free software and videos are out there if you want to give it a shot yourself.  YouTube has a wide variety of tutorial videos on the subject.  Garageband is easiest for me.

Over the summer, I tend to keep a football, basketball, baseball, and two sets of baseball gloves in my backseat for those “Just in case” moments.  Might be time to add the guitar to the mix!

Thanks for reading…


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