25 Days of Thanks- Day 13

Thankful- The Silence of Snow

Little known fact, I like walking outside when it’s snowing.  Particularly at night.

There’s a certain peacefulness when there’s a heavy snowfall.  Sounds become muted.  Light bounces off every snowflake and illuminates the little piece of world around it.  Tiny shadows hit the street as flakes pass by the street lamp.

You can barely hear the cars passing.  And your shoes make a crunching sound as you mark the first paths over the accumulated snow.

Looking up towards the sky make it seem like billions of stars surround you.

The best time for taking all of this in is after a good day and night of skiing.  The mountain has turned off all its lights yet you can still make out the trails, lifts, and the towers.  People are packing up to go home.  Kids are expending those last bits of energy before melting into their seats in the car.  A few people rummage around closing up the different offices and shops.  And your feet aren’t working 100% correctly due them being stuck in that constricting ski boot all day.

I never really knew why it was so silent when the snow was falling but just a few days ago, a conversation thread popped up on a site I visit that described what was happening.

Why does it seem that when it is snowing outside, it seems quieter?

(Please note that Reddit can be a dark place.  If you’re new to Reddit, please be careful where you click because one wrong click can lead you to a very dark and scary place.  Reddit isn’t all that bad!  There are cool threads for things happening at RPI or in Albany.  Just be careful.  Reddit is kinda like the China section at Macy’s.  There are lots of pretty things to look at but if you take a step in the wrong direction and break something, it will end very badly for you. )

I had no idea the science behind it related to sound waves and temperature.

We each have the little things we’re thankful for and this is just a small one I wanted to share with you.

Thanks for reading…


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