25 Days of Thanks- Day 15

Thankful- Split Checks

“So wait… who put in the $20.  Do you need change?  No, no.. you put in too much.  Who’s got change for a $20?”

“Spain!  You never carry cash on you!”

“Ok so you had the Hotter Than Hades Sandwich… plus the Diet Coke… plus part of the appetizer.  Oh… you didn’t eat the app.  You got a salad… That’s not on here.  Oh wait.. never mind.  Ok, but didn’t you have a mozz stick?”

“Who’s the math wiz of the group?”

“Hi.  I apologize in advance for the massive amount of instructions I’m about to give you.  There’s cash inside the bill holder thingy.  Then take $20 off the Hello Kitty card.  Then $24 off the Detroit Tigers card.  Then put the Tuna Melt, one soda, and the side of sriracha on the Don’t Mess With Texas card.  And then the rest on the Discover.  Oh, you don’t take Discover…. We’re going to need a few more minutes”

(I write this knowing full well that I have never been a waiter or waitress so I cannot provide that side of this “Thankfulness” tonight.  I can imagine that you all already have a ton of things to remember, and then on top of that, you have to remember who ordered what.  Not saying it’s always easy!)

Split checks solve a lot of the issues as the meal is winding down.  It solves a lot of the awkwardness as people try to figure out how much they owe.  And as a person who usually don’t carry too much cash, it solves that issue a lot of the time.

But I always forget to ask.

Thanks for reading…


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