25 Days of Thanks- Day 19

Thankful- Sitting Under The Stars

The night air blows through the camp with a certain bite to it lessened briefly after it passed over the fire.

Shadows bounce around the trees as if they’re partners in a waltz.

The moon’s light casts a rippled white line on the lake pointing right at you.

Smoke billows up toward the sky accompanied by tiny fireworks of burnt embers.

Sitting back in your chair, with a beverage in your hand, you look up at the dome of dark blues and blacks punctuated by tiny white specs that seem to fade in and out.

Your mind harkens back to childhood where sometimes the only goal of the day was to connect the dots.

But then those astronomy classes come in handy as you draw the Big Dipper, Orion’s belt, and the Gemini twins.

I do enjoy a nice clear night under the stars.  My imagination takes over and sometimes the only thing I’m aware of is the sound the wood makes popping in the fire.

A few times I’ve been in amazing places where the stars outnumber the blades of grass on the ground.  And then there have been really special times where you can make out the Milky Way galaxy that we’re all floating through.   

I’m thankful for the little moments of looking up and just wondering what the heck might be going on out there in that crazy dark dome of a universe.

Thanks for reading…


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