25 Days of Thanks- Day 21

Thankful- Pixar Animated Shorts

Many of us have seen a Pixar movie.  Toy Story.  Finding Nemo.  The Incredibles.  They’re the ones that have the bouncing desk lamp during their companies title screen.  All excellent movies in their own right.

But the added little bonus for me is always the animated short that comes before it.

Pixar movies always invoke some sort of emotion in the audience.  Whether you’re rooting for toys to make it out of the neighbor’s backyard or rooting for the family to get their act together, these movies did deep into the human spirit and tug at the very strings that binds our hearts and tear ducts together.

The double whammy that did it for me was a short called Partly Cloudy followed by the movie Up.

Partly Cloudy tells the story of a stork working with the ugly duckling of the creative clouds to bring baby humans and baby animals to their parents.  This description does not do the short film justice.  If you’ve got five minutes, you can watch it quickly here:


I empathize big time with both the stork and the dark cloud.

By the end of this short, my “Awww” factor was already at it’s limit.  Anything more was going to turn me into a slobbering mess.  Anyone who has seen the movie Up, knows what the first 10ish minutes are all about.  So, yep, this guy, in a packed movie theater, turned into a blubbering, slobbering mess.

I went to the film Up with two good friends who are husband and wife.  The husband sat in between us and put his arm around his wife.

Partly Cloudy ends.  “Awww”s all around the theater.  My heart strings are tuned perfectly and Pixar knew just how to play them with those first few minutes.

By the end of the beginning scenes of Up, the husband was consoling two slobbering messes and probably pulled a back muscle trying to keep his arms around the both of us.

I can only imagine what this looked like to the people behind us.  But that moment, I really didn’t care.  I needed it.

To this day he still jokes about it and to this day I have no problem backing up the story.

Each time one of these Animated Shorts comes on the screen I’m reminded of this moment with good friends and thankful for their support.

I’m very lucky to have these friends, Rochester friends, Quincy friends, Troy friends, city friends, new friends, old friends.  I’m thankful for the touching moments.  I’m thankful for support.

These shorts remind me that I’m blessed to have friends around.  Sometimes with a football helmet (Partly Cloudy reference).  Sometimes with a back breaking shoulder to cry on.  Sometimes with a phone call, facebook message, email, text.  But always with a smile.  Which is a small curve that can straighten a thousand things.

Thanks friends.

And thanks for reading…


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