25 Days of Thanks- Day 22

Thankful- Fantasy Football

Earlier today on facebook I wrote:


Epic fantasy football showdown today for the finals in one of my leagues….

Father vs. Son
Teacher vs. Student
Has no food allergies vs. Food Allergies
Blood vs. Blood
Senior vs. Junior

That’s right folks Jeff Spain vs. Jeff Spain. One will rise. One will fall. And in the end, Jan Spain will have to clean up the mess. Hide the kids because this ain’t going to be pretty.

Game on!


And it has been epic.

There was lots of yelling.  Well… mostly yelling at the dog for dragging mud all over the house after being outside.

Food was thrown.  Well… the dog dish dropped and spilled food everywhere.

Friendly requests were denied.  Well… Amy refused to support my dwindling Diet Coke addiction.

My Dad and I have actually kept it pretty civil.  We watched the games all day in the living room.  Had some dinner.  And went into the evening game pretty much tied.  It looks like it’ll come down my Dad praying that the 49ers Defense and the 49ers Kicker do absolutely nothing special tomorrow night.

We’ve kept it civil.  Wouldn’t have it any other way.  He’s been civil and supportive this whole year through a lot of ups and downs.  And tomorrow night, no one will really win.  No one will really lose.  One of us will just pat the other on their back, say “Good Job”, and keep on being father and son is a pretty outstanding Spain family.

Thanks for reading…



One Response to “25 Days of Thanks- Day 22”

  1. Jeff Spain Says:

    Well played. It was a great season and it was a lot of fun having you in the league this year. I only wish that there was a lot more ” trash talk” among our fellow players. Congratulations on your well earned victory. At the beginning we all thought that we had the team to beat. But in the end , yours proved to be the best. See you later.

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