25 Days of Thanks- Day 24

Thankful- Passionate Singing

Whether in the car or maybe at Church, we’ve all heard those people who put their all into hitting the notes.  If you think deeper about it, there’s a level of trust that these people have when they belt out a tune at the top of their lungs.

Sure, at Church, it’s a trust in the Big Guy upstairs, but in the car or house, they trust that either no one is around to hear them sing or that the person in the vicinity will treat their effort with support.

Singing has always been welcome in the Spain family household.  Sure we’ll jab at each other if a note is off or the words just aren’t right, but there’s usually a welcome atmosphere to sign along to the song on the radio.

Unless, you’re my sister.

Amy, for many years, has been subject to the teasing that comes from being the little sister.

But here’s the thing about her singing.  While, sure, a lot of times it’s just a bit off… every now and again, I turn to her and say, “WAIT!  That’s it.  Stay right there.  Do what you just did… in the same tone.”

It happened tonight at mass.

It’s happened in the car where, while listening to WJEF (my iPod), she start belting out the words and I sit there in amazement as I wonder where the heck it’s all coming from.  I’ve even replayed the song at a lower volume just to make sure I wasn’t hearing something else.

Somewhere, deep inside her, is a good voice.  Hopefully we as a family can help draw that out of her a lot more this year.

So tonight, I’m thankful for those folks who, with no fear, belt out tunes even when everyone is listening.  Because every now and again they get it right.

Merry Christmas and thanks for reading…


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