25 Days of Thanks- Day 25

Thankful- My House’s Front Porch

photo 1This darn front porch has seen a lot covering all sorts of emotional moments both big and small.

From family pictures… to school dances… to sleepovers (yes, a few have slept on that front porch)… to epic wiffle ball games… this thing has been through a lot.

To enter into whatever we might call home, you have to enter through the front door.  I’m sure your front stoop could tell some stories.

Mine continues to do so.

As many know, I’ve moved back closer to home.  Trips are made to my parent’s house weekly for errands, snow shoveling, dinner, roof shoveling, Riley time, leaf raking, etc.

And I recently just realized that something has been happening each time I leave the house for the over 30 years we’ve lived there.  I’ll walk out the door, say, “See ya later”, close the screen door, then get into my car.

Then, like clockwork, my Mom, sometimes my Dad, and almost always the dog will stand in the doorway waving goodbye.

Again, this continues to happen today even though I live right down the street.

And it doesn’t matter how much time I spend in the driveway waiting for my car to warm up or for me to plug my iPhone in.  95% of the time, there my mom will be with the dog, waving goodbye.

It’s a small thing that I appreciate each and every time.

I know that the small things add up and are the priceless memories we take with us long into the future.

Fast forward a few years after we’ve sold the house and I imagine this will be the conversation:

(Turning onto Brookside Ave)

Me: Hey kids, did you know that this bridge up here used to be all metal and we could hear cars going over it at all hours of the night!

(Turning onto Marion Ave)

Me: Oh!  And here is where your Dad fell flat on his face in the middle of a snowstorm riding his bike and trying to use the proper bicycle hand turn signals.

(Continuing down Marion)

Me: I used to deliver the newspaper to all these houses.  Your uncle Chris had that other street and I had this one.

(Turning onto Hillside)

Me: There it is.  The house that your Dad grew up in.  We used to have a lot of fun in this street from playing 4 Square to basketball.  I broke my nose right over there by that sewer cover. 

(Pulling up in front of my house)

Me: Gosh!  Look what they’ve done with the place.  (A few more stories are shared.  My kids will be so enthralled, engaged, and riveted by my stories.  No sign of impatient-ness, boredom, or “Oh boy…not another one” will be seen in their eyes.  Right?)

(Then as I’m pulling away)

Me: Ok, wave goodbye to Grandma (or whatever my Mom wants to be called) and I’m sure Grandpa (or whatever my Dad wants to be called) is in there too sitting in his chair.  Who wants to honk the horn?
Kids: Me! Me!  But why are we doing this?
Me: Because this is what I did every time I drove away from the house just to say “Bye!” one more time.

I hope the future owners of that house are ready for a future of random car honks as we continue to honk and wave to my mom for many years to come.

Thanks for reading…



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