It would be very easy for me to throw every bad word in the book at 2013.  It’d be easy to hurl insults, give it a few finger gestures, or come up with a clever comic to really show my disdain.

But how could I do that to a year I’ll never forget?

For the most part, it was a pretty good year.  Moved home closer to family.  Had an amazing sendoff by students, staff, faculty, and friends out in Quincy.  I started a good job with good responsibility.

But sure there have tough times with the passings of family, friends, and colleagues.  We’ve all seen the struggles of people around us getting just one year older.  Some struggles have been surprises, while others were unfortunately anticipated.

Births, weddings, new love, old love, funny incidents, and touching moments filled in the gaps.

The big battle was fought and continues to lean in my healthy favor.

I checked a few things off my bucket list including crashing a wedding.  The two women who got married also noted a few weeks ago that the crashing was extra special because it was two women who got married (Congrats Amanda and Eva!)

To me, I think 2013 can be summed up in one word… educational.

2014 needs a new word… a new direction… a new action.

I wish I knew what the word was but a lot can happen in a year.  I do know that 2013 was filled with moments that happened to me.  I need 2014 to be filled with moments where I happen to it.

That may make no sense to you.  I understand.  It may take a year to explain.  Well, wait… hey, look what we got here!  A whole new year to explain!

I’ve sat back a lot this year and things have just happened.  Good and bad.  Nothing I regret!  Nothing I regret for you either!

But 2014 needs to be a year of action.  2014 will be a year of saying, “F–k it.  You beat cancer (again, please note the little c.  Explanation for the little c can be found here).  There’s no excuse.”

My mom’s motto is “Live life with gusto!”  And maybe at the end of 2014 “gusto” will be the word.

She’s right though in that “gusto” needs to be the direction.

A friend asked me and another person at the table the other day about resolutions.  And I do have a few.  Some of these I told her.  Others I’ve thought of since…

1) Run a 5K- Her response almost immediately was, “Why?”.  I replied, “Because I’ve got to start somewhere…” I’ve got the shoes.  I’ve got the energy.  Just need the direction.
2) To end a raucous speech not with my fist going down to emphasize a point.  But instead with my finger going up.  Kinda like when you make the sign of an airplane taking off.  Use one finger and start off on the runway, then go straight up in the air.  I saw it in a movie recently and thought, “That’d be cool to do”
3) Get back on the darn stage- I did a show in Quincy last year and had a blast.  Time to do one here.
4) Travel- The travel bug bit me a few years ago on that backpacking trip through Europe.  Time to put more stamps in the passport.
5) Learn how to pick out shoes- I’m semi-intimated by guy shoes.  My brother has good shoes.  My sister has good shoes.  Friends have good shoes.  Mine feel kinda, “Meh…”
6) Finish one of the six-ish scripts that I’ve started
7) Road Trip- I’d like to take a map of the northeast.  Put it on a spinning hanging thing.  Give it a good twirl.  Throw a dart at it and go have a beer in that town.  Unless it ends up on top of a mountain which means that #8 might need to be “Learn how to mountain climb”.  And then have a beer on top of the mountain.
8) Learn to play the guitar- More on that here.

That’s a good start.

So goodbye 2013.  Thanks for the memories.

Hello 2014.  What fun will you bring?

Thanks for reading…


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