Treadmills and Singing Don’t Mix

Seen Frozen?  Watched the Oscars?  Then you probably know the hit song, Let It Go.

In order to tell this story, I guess I have to confess up front that I’ve downloaded it.

Sure the words are skewed towards a different, um, demographic.  But it’s catchy and easy to sing in the shower.

Also to tell this story, I point you back to #1 on my New Year’s Resolutions– To run a 5K.

Over the past few weeks I’ve been doing a training program that helps you train to do a 5K.  Every couple of days it has a plan of how many minutes to walk and how many to run.  Some days are harder than others but I’ve been happy with the progress.

So the other night, I’m alone in the small gym in the building I live in.  It’s getting to the end of the program and I’m pushing through to finish strong.  While I’m running, I usually just hit random on a playlist I’ve created.  That night’s selections were outstanding… and it was about to get better.  4ish minutes remain in my run…

My mind shifts to a slight pain starting to develop in my shin around the same time Let It Go hits my headphones.

“The snows glows white on the mountain tonight…”

I casually hum along as I try to also keep my breathing at a good pace.  My mind is trying to focus to on the pain but I keep directing it to thoughts of Spring and running outside in the fresh air.

My humming turns to soft singing as I try to distract myself from the apparent gnome poking a knife into my shin.

If you fast forward the video to around 2:30, that’s about matches up with what’s about to happen…

The robotic voice shares some great news, “One minute remaining!”

In the gym there are mirrors on the wall that the treadmills face.  It gives a great view of the whole gym and I see that I’m still alone.

I look at myself intently in the mirror as the horns flare at the end of the line.  “You got this.  Finish strong!”

My eyes close as I do another quick assessment of the room.  My head drops as I slip into the “frozen fractals all around!”

The pace and rhythm of this part of the song block out the nail being driven into my shin.  I have no idea what’s happening around me because I am in the groove.

(The video is around 2:55 at this point)

“I’m never going back.  The past is in the past”

Almost instinctively I raise my head, eyes still closed, and belt out the next few words.

“Let it goooooo.  Let it goooooooo and I’ll rise like the break of dawn.  Let it goooo.  Let it gooooo.  That perfect….”

My eyes open.

A student… (like a damn ninja!!!!!!)… had walked into the room and stopped right inside the door.  She starring directly at me graciously holding in her giggles while awkwardly smiling.

I’m already about a 4 out of 10 on the Jeff Spain face-redness scale.  Think it got up to about an 8 as I realize how long she’s might have been standing there.

I rip the headphones out of my ears and immediately start apologizing.

Granted I don’t really have the breath to get out too much of the English language because:

1) I’m pretty darn embarrassed
2) I had wasted a lot of it trying not only to run but also hit the notes successfully.
3) I’m still running.

She is very kind and brushes off my apology.  “You’re fine!  You’re fine!”

Questions fill my brain…  Who is this student?  Who does she know?  Where’s her cell phone?  Did she have it in her hand as you saw her?  Did she record that?  How do I block a video on YouTube?  Is there a policy violation that occurred that I can use to confiscate the phone?

Yep, still running.  No pain at all in my shin.  Or at least my mind doesn’t really give a care because I’ve potentially starred in a new viral video.  The running program probably ended a few minutes ago…

Finally, I come to.  Hit the stop button on the treadmill and pause to assess the situation.

The student has started up on an elliptical with her own headphones in.  I turn to try to apologize again but, I think it’s best if I just leave.

If I hadn’t just run a few miles, I probably would have run out of the gym.  But I kept my cool and confidently (swiftly) exited the premises.

So if in your internet travels, you happen to see a grown man on a treadmill unknowingly belt out this song, let me know:-)  I’d love to see it.  Just curious how I sounded.  No other reason…

Thanks for reading…


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