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King of Spain?

May 19, 2014

Every now and again, having the last name of a country comes up in conversation.

“Are you from Spain?”

“Are you Spanish?”

Tonight, I posted some information in the RPI Class of 2018 Facebook page.  It was general information about our new housing application and how they could ask me anything about the process or living on campus.

This is a response from a student:


My honest response was:

HA!  No relation.  And it’s a-ok to call me Jeff.


But here’s what I really wanted to respond with:

Actually, funny story.  Once I was the King of Spain and I had an unspeakable Queen Lisa who we don’t mention.  Some thought I was a former conehead but now I work at RPI Res Life, Res Life.  One night, when the palace was asleep, out of my royal chambers and into the garden I crept.  I waited until the agreed upon time at which point, my peasant friend, who looked just like me, arrived and we made a switch.


If you don’t get the joke, let me take you back in time…

The year is 1997 and Jeffrey has just stepped onto to the campus of Canisius College.  Armed with some crazy hair, baggy shorts, and enough epi-pens to jump-start a Ferrari (my mom was nervous), I strolled into the first meeting of the year for the theater club on campus.  At the front of the room stood a few upperclass students who spoke about the shows they were thinking about doing and how the club operated.

Immediately, I was hooked.  I was being invited out to parties, included at the lunch/dinner table, and even given a nickname (Viva).  I thought it was pretty cool to be some little freshman hanging out with these giants of Canisius.

These giants also put on an annual variety show titled “Studio X”.  It was an opportunity to showcase the singing, performing, and comedic talents of all students on campus.  Each show had a host and at the end of my freshman year, they passed the duties onto me.

First time out walking out, this was the song they played…

For the next couple years, with Kim as a great co-host, we made people laugh, kept the show moving along, and hopefully entertained a few students.

But that song… it stuck.  A little a capella.  A catchy drumbeat.  Talking about driving Zambonis.  It has a little of everything.

It also has the ability to bring a smile to my face no matter what’s happening.  Some great memories from Canisius attached to that song and I’m sure some great memories to come as I share it with more people.

And now I’ve shared it with you:-)

Thanks for reading…