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25 Days of Thanks- Preview #2

November 23, 2014


Another preview. Lots of things always happen at the kitchen table.


25 Days of Thanks- Preview

November 6, 2014

Since 2008, I’ve sporadically dedicated December to writing a post a day about the things I’m thankful for.  This year will be no different.

Currently putting together a list and thought, since I haven’t posted in a while, I’d give a small preview of what’s to come…

– Balls 1, Cancer 0

– “Guess who’s non-plussed now?”

– Wednesday morning pictures like this one:

jeff spain likes hotdogs

– Two adventurers, on a path, taking on the challenge together

– An RA from the building I live in- “It’s been 11 days since the fire alarm went off.”

– “You have a roommate?”

– Whatever happened to the Ariana Grande post?

More to come in a few weeks.  All gets started on December 1st.

As always, thanks for reading…