2014 25 Days of Thanks- Day 2

The Kitchen Table


From game nights to tough talks… from homework help to silent reflections… from late night story sharing to elbow supporting exhaustion… It’s amazing to think what a kitchen table has been through.

Now, when I say kitchen table, I’m talking about whatever multi use flat surface your family has gathered around in good and bad moments.  It could be a coffee table or a kitchen bar, whatever, my point is that there is some flat surface in your house that has held up more than dinner plates throughout your lives.

For me, it’s the table pictured above.  This thing has supported everything from birthdays (with the person always seated by the window) to high school finals prep.  Most recently, it witnessed a fairly regular tradition for Jeff Spain theater performances.

I can remember the night before many performances, sitting around this table with my Dad and/or my Mom with the script in their hands watching me fumble with my lines as I paced around the kitchen.  Even at 35, I took advantage of the good luck before a recent performance, handing off the script to my Dad, giving him a little background, and allowing his stage history to do the rest.  And even at 35, he always gives the same advice which, even at 35, I honestly fail to implement until that point.  “Jeffrey, you have to remember to slow down and speak succinctly.”  Even at 35, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I hope that there’s a spot in your house that’s been as literally and figuratively supportive as a table.  Maybe give it a little tap when you pass by it next time and say “Thanks”.

Thanks for reading…


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